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Who are we?


Creating new and unmatched innovative ideas that entertain and delight


Fueled by passion and a commitment to unmatched quality.

Fan Focused

Community driven, always listening to feedback and constantly striving to improve the fan experience

We are Go-Gizmo an indie development company with a passion for Games, Robotics, and all things Mecha and Tech!

We specialize in creating retro 2D games that bring back the nostalgia of classic gaming.

Our team is comprised of passionate game developers who have a love for all things retro, mecha and tech related. We believe that the simplicity of 2D games allows for more focus on crafting a unique and enjoyable gaming experience.

We strive to create games that not only provide entertainment, but also challenge and engage the player. Our goal is to create games that can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

Thank you for checking us out and we hope you enjoy our games!

Eat: a tale of consumption

In our upcoming title "Eat" you play as a heroic, yet stressed blob who must save the world from a diabolical villain who wants to turn the entire planet into candy.

As you journey through colorful, pixelated landscapes, you'll need to use your quick reflexes and problem-solving skills to overcome a variety of challenges.

Can you save the world from the Candyman's sweet tyranny?

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Our Services

Game Development

We specialize in the development retro and voxel style games. Our number one priority is to create games that are fun above all else.


We love our fans and we want to make sure you can show your love for your passions to the world! We know it's hard finding products that make you feel reprisented, which is why we created our own shop to help you stand out and define yourself above everyone else! Go check it out our store today and Gear-Up with Go-Gizmo!



Go-Gizmo Store

We are thrilled to offer you a selection of innovative and exciting products that showcase our passion for mecha, coding and tech lifestyle, gaming, and game development.

Our products are designed with the modern tech enthusiast in mind, featuring unique designs and cutting-edge technology that will elevate your gaming and coding experience.

We are also proud to offer products based on our very own games, such as EAT and The 5th Symphony!

At Go-Gizmo, we believe in pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity. Our passion for mecha, coding, and gaming is reflected in every product we sell. We are a small but mighty team who are passionate about what we do.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed creating them.

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Blobert Crop Tee

Bolbert - Crop Tee

Mecha Samurai Canvas Print

Mecha Samurai - Canvas Print

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Monochrome Mecha - Hoodie

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Tri Mecha - Heavyweight Tee